Monday, May 28, 2012

Kindle case hacked

My husband bought me a kindle and case for Christmas this past year. He wasn't happy with the case he got but it was the best one he saw. I liked it, it was very functional and not ugly but not pretty either. So this is the case he bought.
I decided to take the outer fabric off, keep the squishy foam middle, and keep the inner minky.
Me and my seam ripper have never been so close! LOL I lie, I'm not a great sewer so I use my seam ripper like it's my job. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. And the end product was not as ....... clean as I had hoped but it still looks cute!
Overall I am happy with the way it turned out, if I was a better sewer or more thoughtful in the planning process it might have turned out better but I plan on using it and like it just fine for me :) Up next fabric shoes!

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  1. The whales on purple fabric. What a great idea. Adorable!