Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I did today

Today I wanted to sew, or do something from pinterest. In general, I wanted to make my living room look like a craft store threw up all over it.

Tangent alert! I live in a small two bedroom apartment which is getting smaller by the day as we prepare to become a family of four. So when I craft it takes over the living room. I have learned one neat trick to combat this madness, a flat iron is your friend! I got the idea after some women from church said they attach the patches their children earn to their AWANAs vests with a flat iron. So instead of busting out an iron, I bust out the flat iron.
Also here is my little machine, I have a Husqvarna Viking Emerald. Which I have moderate knowledge about and was given to me by my sewing guru stepmom a little over a year ago.
So while most of my crafting for the nextcouple of months will be about new baby boy, I already have an almost three year old diva and crafting whimsical girly stuff is such fun! Today I took a pair of pants she had outgrown in length and turned them into shorts with a fabric petal skirt.

First I made the pants into shorts.
Then I sewed up some petals for the skirt.
Then I sewed them on a ribbon to make sewing them to the shorts easier.
Next I attached a few petals to the shorts for the bottom layer.
As I'm sure you can tell I am not the most advanced sew-er in the world but I have fun!
Then I sewed the ribbon strand on for the top layer.
Not the most professional job but it's cute and I love it! I have another pair to try again with!

Thanks for looking!

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