Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY water/Hot weather wrap

I live in Fort Polk, LA. It is hotter than hades here and has been for months now. I never wore a coat last winter. I have a few cardigans and they kept me warm all winter long. We live in an upstairs apartment that was built in the 70s. Needless to say we spend the entire summer at the pool. Well except my husband who requires spf 1000000000 to just walk outside ;). 

Since I looooove babywearing and spending all of our summer at the pool I knew I needed a breezy wrap. After looking on etsy and finding a shop that made hot weather and water friendly wraps I decided to forgo the $30 price tag and make my own. Now if you are thinking, "Lady I'm lazy and $30 is not bad for a wrap I can actually wear in the heat" Then go to etsy and see TexasMommaDiShe has what you need in many colors :)

Now if you are feeling crafty, this wrap is so super easy to make and can even be a no sew wrap if you like. 
All you need is 5 yards of jersey mesh fabric. I bought white from WalMart and if I want to I can dye it later

but white is fine with me. You fold your material in half and cut it right down the middle. Congrats! You just 
made 2 no sew wraps! You can gift one to a friend or use one for pool and one for everyday! 

I wanted a finished edge so I got out my trusty walking foot and attached it to my sewing machine. I am going
to go on a tangent real quick. I was googling how to attach a walking foot and found none of the directions 
applied to my Viking Husqvarna Emerald 183. I am going to show a couple of pics on how I attached it for
anyone else who may have this problem.

You can see where I had to remove the part I normally attach a foot to and use the screw that held it on to 
attach my walking foot.
The the movable arm on the right side goes around the part that holds your needle in.

If you are asking, "excuse me crazy lady? Why are you using a walking foot?" It's because the walking
foot grips your fabric and is very useful when sewing things that are slippery or stretchy, like jersey knit.
In order to have a nice edge I just double folded and stitched.
Here is the finished project! Thanks for looking!

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