Saturday, May 26, 2012

Princess Costume

Sorry for the misleading title, I did not make what YOU know as a princess costume. My daughter calls everything costumes. Swimsuit is swimming costume, dresses are princess costumes. I think it's adorable but I am a tad biased. What is not adorable is that she REFUSES to wear anything but a dress. So I went to town hacking her wardrobe to create new dresses for her to wear out of cute things she hasn't been wearing. I also made a fat quarter pillow case dress from a tut I found on pinterest. Here are the pics!
Made a shirt into a bubble dress
Hello Kitty dress made from 2 shirts. I accidently sewed the skirt part on inside out, LOL!
Fat quarter pillow case dress. Came out a tad big, my DH called it a potato sack dress :P
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