Monday, May 28, 2012

Kindle case hacked

My husband bought me a kindle and case for Christmas this past year. He wasn't happy with the case he got but it was the best one he saw. I liked it, it was very functional and not ugly but not pretty either. So this is the case he bought.
I decided to take the outer fabric off, keep the squishy foam middle, and keep the inner minky.
Me and my seam ripper have never been so close! LOL I lie, I'm not a great sewer so I use my seam ripper like it's my job. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. And the end product was not as ....... clean as I had hoped but it still looks cute!
Overall I am happy with the way it turned out, if I was a better sewer or more thoughtful in the planning process it might have turned out better but I plan on using it and like it just fine for me :) Up next fabric shoes!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Princess Costume

Sorry for the misleading title, I did not make what YOU know as a princess costume. My daughter calls everything costumes. Swimsuit is swimming costume, dresses are princess costumes. I think it's adorable but I am a tad biased. What is not adorable is that she REFUSES to wear anything but a dress. So I went to town hacking her wardrobe to create new dresses for her to wear out of cute things she hasn't been wearing. I also made a fat quarter pillow case dress from a tut I found on pinterest. Here are the pics!
Made a shirt into a bubble dress
Hello Kitty dress made from 2 shirts. I accidently sewed the skirt part on inside out, LOL!
Fat quarter pillow case dress. Came out a tad big, my DH called it a potato sack dress :P
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY water/Hot weather wrap

I live in Fort Polk, LA. It is hotter than hades here and has been for months now. I never wore a coat last winter. I have a few cardigans and they kept me warm all winter long. We live in an upstairs apartment that was built in the 70s. Needless to say we spend the entire summer at the pool. Well except my husband who requires spf 1000000000 to just walk outside ;). 

Since I looooove babywearing and spending all of our summer at the pool I knew I needed a breezy wrap. After looking on etsy and finding a shop that made hot weather and water friendly wraps I decided to forgo the $30 price tag and make my own. Now if you are thinking, "Lady I'm lazy and $30 is not bad for a wrap I can actually wear in the heat" Then go to etsy and see TexasMommaDiShe has what you need in many colors :)

Now if you are feeling crafty, this wrap is so super easy to make and can even be a no sew wrap if you like. 
All you need is 5 yards of jersey mesh fabric. I bought white from WalMart and if I want to I can dye it later

but white is fine with me. You fold your material in half and cut it right down the middle. Congrats! You just 
made 2 no sew wraps! You can gift one to a friend or use one for pool and one for everyday! 

I wanted a finished edge so I got out my trusty walking foot and attached it to my sewing machine. I am going
to go on a tangent real quick. I was googling how to attach a walking foot and found none of the directions 
applied to my Viking Husqvarna Emerald 183. I am going to show a couple of pics on how I attached it for
anyone else who may have this problem.

You can see where I had to remove the part I normally attach a foot to and use the screw that held it on to 
attach my walking foot.
The the movable arm on the right side goes around the part that holds your needle in.

If you are asking, "excuse me crazy lady? Why are you using a walking foot?" It's because the walking
foot grips your fabric and is very useful when sewing things that are slippery or stretchy, like jersey knit.
In order to have a nice edge I just double folded and stitched.
Here is the finished project! Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mail time!

Here's the mail it never fails... sorry. Mommy to a 2yr old ;) I had an awesome mail day today! I got my box from Citrus Lane and my new Mommy Necklaces from their spring release!

First let's talk Citrus Lane! I love Citrus Lane! For $25 a month, I get a box filled with products recommended by moms in the know. I think you're going to love it, too.

  Right now you can start your monthly subscription for less! Take 10% off the cost of your subscription with code SPRINGFUN. You'll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!

This month's box was all about summer fun! I got a subscription for little brother so my box is for a newborn.
This month's box was worth $57.96. I got an iPlay sun hat, Green Toys twist teether, Episencial protective face balm, Dapple dish liquid, "In My Ocean" finger puppet board book, and $15 Joyus gift card!

Next up my haul from the Mommy Necklace spring line. These necklace are friendly for curious fingers. They have breakaway clasps and strong cording. They are also super cute!
See happy happy mail day! Now I have to go clean the house :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Newborn Jumper with Pirate fabric

I made a jumper for the newbie. I think the fabric is a bit busy and when I asked my husband if he liked it he unwisely chose to say nothing. I informed him when a pregnant woman -or woman for that matter- asks if something she made is cute, the only acceptable response is to say "Yes! I love it!". He still did not respond and therefore was the recipient of snide comments for a few hours. Too busy or not it is still adorable and I cannot wait to make another with simpler fabric :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I did today

Today I wanted to sew, or do something from pinterest. In general, I wanted to make my living room look like a craft store threw up all over it.

Tangent alert! I live in a small two bedroom apartment which is getting smaller by the day as we prepare to become a family of four. So when I craft it takes over the living room. I have learned one neat trick to combat this madness, a flat iron is your friend! I got the idea after some women from church said they attach the patches their children earn to their AWANAs vests with a flat iron. So instead of busting out an iron, I bust out the flat iron.
Also here is my little machine, I have a Husqvarna Viking Emerald. Which I have moderate knowledge about and was given to me by my sewing guru stepmom a little over a year ago.
So while most of my crafting for the nextcouple of months will be about new baby boy, I already have an almost three year old diva and crafting whimsical girly stuff is such fun! Today I took a pair of pants she had outgrown in length and turned them into shorts with a fabric petal skirt.

First I made the pants into shorts.
Then I sewed up some petals for the skirt.
Then I sewed them on a ribbon to make sewing them to the shorts easier.
Next I attached a few petals to the shorts for the bottom layer.
As I'm sure you can tell I am not the most advanced sew-er in the world but I have fun!
Then I sewed the ribbon strand on for the top layer.
Not the most professional job but it's cute and I love it! I have another pair to try again with!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinterest to-do list

I spend so much time in school and being a mommy that I have very little time to craft. With baby #2 on the way this summer I get to take a much needed break before starting my senior year this fall! This means that from now until mid July I am free to craft away! I have many projects I want to do between now and then, mostly sewing clothes and shoes. I also want to learn to knit! I have mastered casting on after watching a ton of youtube videos to find the way that I understood best. This video -->click me<-- is the easiest way I have found in case anyone else is interested! Now I am trying to learn the knit stitch and purl stitch which is proving a bit harder than casting on! My main reason for wanting to learn how to knit is so I can make wool diaper covers. Yes I am one of those crazy cloth diapering moms ;) Their little butts just look so cute in cloth! Plus I am cheap and cloth diapering is very cost effective! Any-who I have a ton of projects stashed on pinterest for these next few months and you can find them HERE and HERE! I think my first few will be cloth shoes, baby wrap, and cloth headband. See you soon with project pics!