Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinterest to-do list

I spend so much time in school and being a mommy that I have very little time to craft. With baby #2 on the way this summer I get to take a much needed break before starting my senior year this fall! This means that from now until mid July I am free to craft away! I have many projects I want to do between now and then, mostly sewing clothes and shoes. I also want to learn to knit! I have mastered casting on after watching a ton of youtube videos to find the way that I understood best. This video -->click me<-- is the easiest way I have found in case anyone else is interested! Now I am trying to learn the knit stitch and purl stitch which is proving a bit harder than casting on! My main reason for wanting to learn how to knit is so I can make wool diaper covers. Yes I am one of those crazy cloth diapering moms ;) Their little butts just look so cute in cloth! Plus I am cheap and cloth diapering is very cost effective! Any-who I have a ton of projects stashed on pinterest for these next few months and you can find them HERE and HERE! I think my first few will be cloth shoes, baby wrap, and cloth headband. See you soon with project pics!

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