Monday, June 4, 2012

I quit one and took up another :)

I think I posted on here that I was attempting to learn to knit. Well knitting is haaaaaaard! LOL! I hated it, it wasn't fun and I just could not get it! So I quit and took up crocheting! Crocheting is soooo much easier for me! My friend Melody got me started by introducing me to an awesome youtube channel. The Crochet Geek on youtube has helped me along the way! I would crochet, watch tutorial, crochet, watch tutorial!

My first project was a Little Fire Soaker. I posted it on my RAVELRY and you can get the free pattern and all the specifics there. I messed up and didn't attach the front to the back in the center so one leg is way bigger than the other! LOL! I learned quite a few stitches doing this project though, and I am very grateful to those who make patterns and post them for free.
Thanks for looking! I plan on starting another crochet project tonight :)

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