Thursday, June 21, 2012

Helping a Toddler understand "soon"

The baby is coming. Not today or tomorrow but before your birthday. This is what I tell my almost 3yr old. Now that there is less than a month until his eviction date (hoping he beats it) and a bit more than a month until her birthday I did a fun little craft to help her understand when it will be time. I saw this when my husband deployed and I had heard of it from some friends who used it to get their children through deployment. It's a tear chain, one loop for everyday that needs to pass before it is that very special day. One friend's husband wrote a message on each loop so that his boys had encouragement from him everyday. My version is much simpler and much less profound but serves it's purpose of helping a toddler visualize when a future event will occur. I even added a blue loop for baby brother's eviction date and ended with a pink loop for her birthday!

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