Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's been awhile!

I have been crafting in the meantime! Here are the last two projects I've done.

First, I made my son's long sleeve shirts into short sleeve ones. He has some sensory issues and hand washing at daycare is a nightmare with long sleeves. Right before we discovered this issue I had taken advantage of Gymboree's massive sale and there was no way those clothes were just going to be worn at home! I just took a few inches off the length because we live in Alaska and (Duh) it's kinda cold here. If you want true short sleeves you can use another shirt as a length guide and add a little extra for hemming.

Next up I made some homemade lotion bars. I found a simple recipe HERE.

I bought the products she suggested through her affiliate links and this cute LEGO MOLD.

I assembled the goods and got to work. I must tell you that was harder than it seems because it's -40 right now and my supplies had just came in from our mailbox. Yup frozen solid.

 I'm not sure why my photos hate me and won't line up pretty but you get the gist!

Happy Crafting!

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